Audio/Video Archives and Downloads From Previous Events

 Event DateEvent TitleAudioVideoDocumentsAvailable 
Select 10/10/2017 October Main Monthly Meeting No Audio/Video for This Meeting
Select 9/12/2017 September Main Monthly Meeting No Audio/Video for This Meeting
Select 8/8/2017 August Main Monthly Meeting Yes
Select 7/11/2017 Structuring Partnerships Yes
Select 6/13/2017 Self-Directed IRA Investing Yes
Select 5/9/2017 Landlord and Tenant Rights as well as The Impact of the Trump Tax... Yes
Select 4/11/2017 How to Save on Taxes this Year and in the Years to Come Yes
Select 3/14/2017 Codes: An Investor's Best Friend....Or Worst Enemy? Yes
Select 2/14/2017 Labor of Love Yes
Select 1/10/2017 Five Things to Start Your Year off Right Yes
Select 12/13/2016 December Main Monthly Meeting No Audio/Video for This Meeting
Select 11/8/2016 Election Night - Winning requires Knowing the Right Numbers Yes
Select 10/11/2016 What You Need to Know About AirBnB - Creative Ways To Increase Yo... Yes
Select 9/13/2016 Rentals - Don't Go Broke Making a Good Buy Yes
Select 8/9/2016 Finding Flips with Social Media and Funding them with "soft" Hard... Yes
Select 7/12/2016 Celebrating The Original BREXIT Yes
Select 6/14/2016 What is the Legal Difference Between Good Landlords and Slumlords... Yes
Select 5/10/2016 Three Simple Keys to Success in Life and Business Plus One Yes
Select 4/12/2016 Why Affordable Housing is Disappearing and What Investors Can Do Yes
Select 3/8/2016 Women Make the Best Investors Yes
Select 2/9/2016 Where and How to Get the Money! -The New World of Finance Yes
Select 1/12/2016 Valuation of Income Producing Property Yes
Select 12/8/2015 Christmas Party for December Main Meeting No Audio/Video for This Meeting
Select 11/10/2015 Turn Key "Investments" and Other Bad Ideas Yes
Select 10/13/2015 Getting to the Closing Table - Plan on Problems with the New Rule... Yes