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Making Money in Real Estate With Notes, Protecting It All With Land Trusts

with... Randy Hughes

October 19 thru October 20, 2019

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Hilton Garden Inn Nashville-Airport
412 Royal Parkway
Nashville, TN 37214

You’re looking at an exclusive opportunity, which has never been offered before.

One which may never be repeated.

And you can be part of it.

Two of the nation’s real estate experts are joining forces to share what they’ve learned and put into practice during their decades negotiating, buying, controlling and selling real estate.

Former plumber-turned-investor Larry Harbolt along with single-family house investor and educator Mr. Land Trust®, aka Randy Hughes, are team coaching for the first time. Both men are nationally known, sought after speakers. Individually, they have taught thousands of students just like you over the years.

You though, will experience something no one else has! When you enroll in this training, you will be coached by both of them! You can be one of the exclusive few who are there, in person, to interact directly with these two leaders.

They will reveal the secrets they use in their investing to make more money in the deals they are doing. They’ll also go into detail about how they shield those assets and profits, so they keep what they’ve earned! (Mr. Land Trust® and his students have prevented more than 3 million dollars from being taken from them.) As a bonus, they’ll be your guide as they go through the creative processes they use to make deals happen.

Imagine what you can take away from this intensive weekend and apply to grow your investment business!

Some of the Things Randy and Larry will Cover for You

Larry and Mr. Land Trust® will both share with you their own tips and methods for creating and maintaining Land Trusts. And they’ll do so much more! You’ll also leave prepared to use Lease Options and Notes in your real estate investment business, for more deals and more profitable deals.

These experts will share their knowledge and know-how regarding

• Making bigger profits when selling on an installment contract

Eliminating the risk of selling on a note or contract

Making more money when selling on a lease-option

Combining this one essential step with LLC’s for dy-no-mite asset protection

Avoiding due-on-sale, transfer taxes, re-assessment upon sale and seasoning issues

• Steps for obtaining privacy of ownership and avoiding frivolous lawsuits

Making it easy to find the cash you or the seller need to get the deal done

• Getting more money out of each deal

• Avoiding "Empty Pocket Syndrome"

The best way to scale your real estate investing business, FAST

• STOPPING worry about whether you have the money for a down payment

• How to make your note attractive to note investors . . . and where to find them

• How to CONTROL property using a lease with the option to buy

• Acquiring rental real estate in the way which has the most benefits with the least amount of risk

Leasing to a tenant at ABOVE market rents

• What paperwork is needed in a lease-option deal

PLUS! Larry and Randy will both be there to answer YOUR questions

Know Your Coaches

Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes, started his career in single family houses in 1969, and it is still his primary business to this day. Randy grew up with an alcoholic father who abandoned his family. Randy's mother was left to raise four children on a secretary’s wages. Randy was determined to stop poverty from charting his path in life, so he made himself into a successful real estate investor. He then went the next step and researched how to protect himself and his loved ones from having investment assets taken by deadbeats and the lawyers who represent them. Soon he had studied and applied what he had learned so effectively, others came to ask him to teach them his practices. Now he has controlled hundreds of single-family homes and has shared his special knowledge with thousands of students.

Larry Harbolt, Real Estate Educator, was once a hard-working plumber and pipefitter. From there Larry graduated to becoming a residential home builder. Larry developed a system which helped him buy 10 houses in just one week. He is active in his local real estate investor association, has had his courses purchased by Dr. Shaquille O’Neal, and is one of only 2 real estate teachers to ever have been inducted into the Library of Congress.

For the past 37 years, Larry has made it his personal mission to give back to the investing community by becoming an educator. He has had thousands of students in his live boot camp seminars in Tampa, Florida, as well as long distance through his online courses.

Both Larry and Randy have helped individuals like you take control of their lives. This weekend summit is your unique opportunity to be one of them.

Can you afford to miss this valuable weekend?! Purchase your ticket now!

Please see the link for complete registration.

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Date: October 19 thru October 20, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Hilton Garden Inn Nashville-Airport
412 Royal Parkway
Nashville, TN 37214

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