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When and where are the meetings?
Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Holiday Inn-Cedar Bluff in Knoxville, TN. Check-in begins at 5:30 PM,
followed by networking, and the meeting starts at 6:30 PM. The Holiday Inn-Cedar Bluff is at 9134 Executive Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37923

How do I create a Member Account?
Creating a member account is easy: Either create one by clicking on the "Join Now" tab at and following the instructions, or simply join while checking in at one of our monthly meetings.

What are the membership categories?
There are 5 different types of memberships:

Monthly Pay as You Go - You pay for each meeting individually. This allows you the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and determine if real estate investing is for you. The first meeting you attend is $10. Every meeting you choose to attend after that is $29

Annual Membership - This level includes attendance to all regularly scheduled general meetings (they are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month). Plus, extra workshops / training classes / seminars through KnoxREIA will be either free or at a substantially reduced cost. Additionally, Annual Members will have access to the Members Only Section and Home Depot discounts and a listing in the Vendors & Craftsman directory. Annual Membership is $297/year. 

Annual Membership with Partner - This includes all the same benefits as the Annual Membership, but with your business partner or spouse. This membership is $297/year.

Online Membership - Live too far away and can't regularly attend meetings, but want to watch the videos of the monthly meetings? Then this option may be for you. The Online Membership gives you internet access only. Here you can listen/watch the video/audio recordings of the monthly meetings and download any PDFs or other information provided at the meetings. If you attend in person, the first meeting will be $10 and every other one will be $29. The Online Membership is $197/year.

Free Online Account - Sign up for a free online account to receive KnoxREIA updates on meetings, events, seminars, etc.

Do I need to Pre-Register for meetings?
Pre-Registration is not required, but it is highly recommended. When you pre-register, it saves a lot of time at meeting check-ins and gives us a much better idea of how many people are going to attend so we can make the necessary food, seating, and other preparations.

What should I do to get the most out of my membership?
Attend the meetings and network with our members! Every KnoxREIA meeting begins with a market update and then gives real information about how you can succeed in real estate. Talk to our other members, many of whom have many years in real estate investing. They can give you tips on their successes and failures to better prepare you for your decisions. Some may even want to help you or partner with you. Also, attend our other seminars and events listed on the right hand side of our website under "Upcoming Events"

What should I do to get the most out of the meetings?
Network with our other members and come to each meeting with an open mind and a desire to learn. Our members come from virtually every aspect of real estate. They are more than happy to lend their expertise, knowledge, and advice to you. There are also other members with little to no experience who you can talk with and discuss things as well. And each meeting will give you good, solid information you need to make your real estate decisions.

Why should I attend meetings?
Several reasons. To get updated local market information, to network with other members, to learn several other ways to make a profit in real estate, to get deals at our Deal Table, and to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in real estate.

May I attend a meeting for free?
Only if you are an annual member. For all others the first meeting is $10, and every meeting after that is $29.

Why is there not a free meeting?
We want people who are seriously interested in real estate investing to attend our meetings. When meetings are free, many people will attend just to try to sell you something. Real estate investment involves real risk
. We want to make people think why they are making a specific decision; and the best place to start with that is the price of entry and the cost of membership.

What other expenses and charges am I expected to pay?
We're not here to sell you anything, so members aren't expected to pay other expenses or charges. From time to time we do have seminars and other events, most of which are free to members. If the event or seminar cannot be free, then it will be deeply discounted for members who decide to attend.

Is Knox REIA a non-profit?
No. We are a for-profit group. We are in the real estate business to make a profit, as should you be. We believe that in real estate, you're only "non-profit" by accident.

If I have paid for mentoring from a national speaker, why should I come to Knox REIA?
It's good to get as much information as you can about how you plan to make income in your life. National speakers can be a great way of doing that. But many times, their message is too broad for the area in which you plan to invest. Either that, or many times they try to make you buy something. At Knox REIA, our goal is to give you the specific and detailed real estate information about Knoxville and its surrounding areas. We give you the market trends, the knowledge, and the networking opportunities needed to succeed in the Knoxville area.

Is Knox REIA a BNI (Business Networking International)?
We are similar in several ways, but no. While BNI focuses on the individual, Knox REIA focuses 100% on real estate. We do provide you with a network of other members to interact with and learn from for your own personal gain, but our focus is not on the individual, but on giving you serious information about real estate.

May I bring my children?
Of course, bringing your children is fine.

I am just getting started and have no experience. Will I "fit in" at the meeting?
Of course you will fit in! Many of our attendees and members have little to no experience
and are there to learn and network. That's what it's all about! You have to start somewhere, and why not get the information and connections you need before you make your real estate decisions? Our more experienced members are more than happy to give you advice, knowledge, and share their experiences with you. We found that sharing knowledge and experience is great for all of us. Yes, of course we're in real estate to make a profit, but when you invest in a property, you're also investing in that neighborhood or community. And we want to see each other make our communities better and succeed. So if you have no experience but are serious about getting into real estate, then Knox REIA is the perfect place for you!

What are the rebates and what do they do?
There are too many rebates and discounts you get for being a member of Knox REIA to list on this page. But for starters, you get a biannual 2% rebate at Home Depot and up to 45% off at Office Depot and Office Max. Other rebates and discounts to members are available through RealProject, Investigative Screening and Consulting, PartnerShip,, Norton Insurance, and also some from our local sponsors. To learn more about rebates and discounts you can get for being a KnoxREIA member, click HERE.

The fee structure at KnoxREIA – Knoxville Real Estate Investors Association – is different because our focus is different. Serious Information About Real Estate is our tag line and that is what each of the meetings is about. We have great networking. The meetings are always casual, fun and interactive, but they are geared to active investors. The market update at the beginning of every meeting and the main topic of each meeting are specifically designed to give active investors actionable information which is immediately profitable. Our meetings are not warm and fuzzy social gatherings to get beginners excited about real estate investing. Real estate investing involves real risk. We want people to think about why they are making a specific decision – and the best place to start is with the price of entry and the cost of membership. 



For the non-investors (aka newbies) and beginning investors (1-3 deals) who do show up at Knox REIA meetings, the easy comparison is a foreign language immersion class. If you want to quickly and efficiently learn, or improve, on the Spanish you now speak, you go to an immersion class. Regardless of how well you do, or do not speak the language, there will always be people in the room who are extremely fluent and others who are exactly at your skill level. However, you do hear the vocabulary, meet others who started in the same place and they will help you improve, if you make the effort

For local perspective, I do suggest you search: “My first Knox REIA Meeting” on Bigger Pockets. There are about 15 posts on that thread and those comments will provide you with the reasons why attending Knox REIA is a value not an expense. 

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