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Our goal is to provide the type of serious information our members can trust for their essential real estate decisions.



Code of Ethics and Standards

Knoxville Real Estate Investors (KnoxREIA)



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Knox REIA provides educational and networking opportunities for those individuals and organizations Committed to Responsible and Successful Real Estate Investing. To further this commitment, Knox REIA joined the National Real Estate Investors Association in 2011 and is now a Chapter in the National REIA – proudly designated as Knox REIA.

Each Member of Knox REIA is intent on expanding their knowledge of investing, owning, selling, and managing Real Estate. Each Member recognizes Real Estate is a highly regulated segment of the free enterprise system of the United States and involves substantial financial risk. As such,the Members of Knox REIA will be responsible for their own decisions, actions and inactions, regardless of all results. Additionally, Members agree to treat all Real Estate interactions with the utmost professionalism, good faith and fair dealing in all situations.

Knox REIA members affirm that their individual and collective purpose is to promote responsible real estate investing. Successful investing simultaneously benefits the professionals and other businesses that Members utilize. Buyers and Sellers of properties benefit by the offers Members make. Renters benefit by the availability of affordable, safe and sanitary housing. The investment made by Members improves neighborhoods, removes blighted properties and increases the ability of all properties to contribute to a fair tax burden.

Each Member recognizes investing in Real Estate requires great personal risk, effort, and sacrifice.

Each Member acknowledges that success is not guaranteed and financial loss is possible.   

Each Member will apply continuing education, networking and community service.

Each Member will apply individual effort and voluntarily undertake tremendous risk.

Each Member will apply their personal knowledge and techniques.

Each Member must commit to the highest standards in personal and professional activities.

Each Member accepts that an economic return is not related to investment, risk and/or effort.

In a legal and ethical pursuit of this Code of Ethics and Standards, all Knox REIA Members pledge to the highest standard of professionalism and integrity. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Members will not intentionally misrepresent any material fact in their business dealings.
  2. Members will not cheat, take advantage of, or malign others.
  3. Members will not engage in or tolerate other Members engaging in illegal practices of any nature.
  4. Members will keep themselves informed of local, state, and federal laws and other matters affecting housing in their community.
  5. Members will not discriminate against any person for reasons of race, age, religion, creed, sex or sexual orientation, country of national origin, children, marital status, or disability, or other protected classes, as may be enacted by law.
  6. Members will comply with all relevant public policies governing the health, safety, and welfare of consumers, and protect them by using quality materials, workmanship, and construction practices.
  7. Members will provide safe, sanitary housing within the limits of existing guidelines and law.
  8. Members will act as positive role models for the professions of real estate investing and housing providers.
  9. Members will provide assistance, and/or help other members whenever possible and recognize that when we help others accomplish their goals we enhance the probability that we will accomplish our own.
  10. Members will not perform or cause to be performed any act which would tend to reflect on or bring Knox REIA into disrepute.
  11. National REIA standards applied to Continuing Education and the Professional Housing Provider Designation (PHP).
    1. Members positively affirm their honesty in attending education sessions and/or previously learning such knowledge included in the PHP curriculum.
    2. Such Education may be provided in live sessions and/or recorded format.
    3. Members affirm that the results of tests associated with, and in conjunction with such education are their effort alone, and conform to the testing rules established and published to them before such testing.
    4. Such test materials must be returned immediately upon completion of testing, regardless of live or recorded education. (e.g no batched returns will be accepted).

As a Member of Knox REIA, each Member pledges to conduct their business in accordance with the guidelines listed above. Those who want Knox REIA to take action against a Member, for what they perceive to be unethical behavior as defined in this document, must present their case and evidence of unethical behavior to the Knox REIA President, in writing, for review. Actions by the President, may include,but not be limited to, suspension or permanent disbarment from the organization. Knox REIA reserves the right to review the complaint of any other member, property owner, or resident, and at its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke membership and future attendance of any member, at any time, for violating the letter or spirit of these standards.

Approved: August 1, 2011

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