KnoxREIA Residential Investment Calculator & Construction Estimate Spreadsheet

Residential Investment Calculator
Easy to use spreadsheet to help you estimate the real annualized return for your real estate investing. Especially helpful for Lease-Options and for Fix and Flips. Invaluable information to include in your loan request.

It includes sections for you to add:
Project Data
Project Costs
Interest Expense from purchase to sale
Rental Pro-Forma
And then the spreadsheet provides a 
Financial Analysis
The Financial Analysis uses a 3-scenario model which enables you to compare different mortgage amounts and interest rates to help you determine the best alternative to meet your risk tolerance.

Cost Estimate Checklist
This is a 400-Line spreadsheet which includes the main categories of:
Planning and Initialization
Site Work
Rough Lumber
Finish Carpentry
Wall Coverings (paint, wallpaper, etc.)
Floor Covering
Hard Surfaces/Counters
Exterior Wall Coverings
Misc. and Other Structures (decks, fences, railing, gazebo, theft, vandalism, etc.)

This checklist helps you itemize and organize your remodeling and construction expenses. It will help you anticipate many soft costs which are easy to overlook in preliminary calculations. This screenshot gives an overview of the line item detail and the calculation of Materials, Labor, Sub Bids, and Allowances:

Construction Estimate Checklist

 It is completely editable, and it is easy to add, edit, and/or remove line items as needed.

These are in Excel format.

This is FREE for annual members and $100 for everyone else.

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